I decided there was a better way, whatever version of Windows you are running there are basic steps that you can take to keep your computer up and running at its best. Some repair shops you take your computer for days to do basic maintenance and send your computer home. What that means is after a short time the computer gets cluttered again and you bring it back and pay to have it all done again.

What can be done, if you want I can come to your location and check what you really need. If it can’t be fixed onsite, then I can take it and fix what you’re having a problem with. What I do is different we go through the maintenance with you and teach you how to clean up the system and look for problems that might be causing your computer to run poorly. If a repair or upgrade of a hardware component is needed, we will find you the best price for the item and install it for you.

And the best part is there is no need to carry around all these parts and getting tangled in all those wires I come to you,local Tech’s for local people.

What is this cloud people are talking about…

The “Cloud” is just another computer holding your data , photos, address book, documents things you would like to save a use often. When was the last time you’re computer “did something funny” ? Have you backed it up in the last few months ? Is the cloud safe ? its only as safe as the password you use, you would be surprised as to how much info Facebook and or Google have about you already.
Every version of Windows since Windows 7 has this backup option and its free ( with a outlook.com account also free ) and if you have a Gmail address Google also has this cloud backup option ( also free with the gmail address ).

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