Worried about Yahoo.com

Years ago I moved away from the the yahoo email and website. I know the advertisements on the page we’re causing all kinds of issues in Windows and I have had a lot less trouble since. Just visiting some sites can add unwanted cookies and plugins, try to avoid them when ever you can noContinue reading “Worried about Yahoo.com”

Microsoft up to old tricks

In the first few builds of Windows 11, you could use whatever browser you wanted, at the time I was using Firefox and Edge. Then they changed Edge a few months ago to a chromium-based browser and it has been wonderful not to have Google tracking me. Now I find out that Microsoft in aContinue reading “Microsoft up to old tricks”

What is the cloud

The “Cloud” is just another computer holding your data , photos, address book, documents things you would like to save a use often. When was the last time you’re computer “did something funny” ? Have you backed it up in the last few months ? Is the cloud safe ? its only as safe asContinue reading “What is the cloud”